“Practice! Practice!” Mama wants her darling Armond to become a world famous violinist. “Breakaway! Off-sides!”

Papa’s deepest desire is for his son Armo to report on football for a major Bolivian newspaper.

Grandmama  wants her Armondolito to tidy his room and sit up like a man, “A gentleman at all costs, my dear.”

Grandpapa desires only that Armon  run in the park with him everyday, “So neither of us grows sallow and old.”

“It is hard to be so many things to so many people who all count on me. Especially when my fingers are clumsy,” the boy himself complains. “I only want to speak English. I hate fussy girls and am allergic to trees.

“For nine long years I’ve tried to please them all. But yesterday. Just in time for dinner my Uncle Harry came to visit from Patagonia wearing a big fur coat in an amazing shade of blue.”

“Mad Hat Harry” Mama called him.

“Loose screw where it counts,” warned Papa.

“Never trust that bizarro son of mine,” cautioned Grandmama.

“Harry will stay with you at this concert,” said Grandpapa. “I’ve better things to do.”

“Armpit, my boy,” said Harry. “It’s time you learned something useful. How to be an escape artiste.  See here!  I’ll climb up on that ledge. To distract your skinny teacher. You slip out the back way. Very quiet. On your hands and knees. We’ll meet at the ice cream stand.  Pronto! Pronto!”___________________

La Consagracion de la Primavera” painted by Guillermo Kuita in 1961
The National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina