“You can’t be too careful. It’s easy to get tricked by shysters and graspy girls. Trick photography. Even by your own eyes if you look too quickly and make assumptions. Questions on exams are always trying to snag you down. Mess with your brain. That’s why we make rules to keep liars from stealing the truth. That’s why I like these new straight up buildings with glass for walls. Then I know what I see is for real–not made up for some television show. And books should just be about real things not fairy tales with happily ever after lies. Life is hard. Hard for all of us. That’s real. Like this baby sleeping here isn’t some prettied up cupie doll but a real baby. Those wings don’t attach to his body because angels and cupids aren’t for real. They’re just in old fashion styled stories about made-up things. This boy here’s fat and knobby boned and just the kind of boy that you see wandering on the streets in the kind of places where they have these kind of boys.”

Is it a disservice to reveal that this “sleeping” baby was dead when Caravaggio was painting it?


Amore Dormeinte” painted by Michelangelo Caravaggio in 1608
 Galleria degli Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze, Italy