LOCAL COLOR for "The Wait" constructed by Edward Kienholz
We have more than a few really famous guests here but it’s her that visitors ask about most especially. After all she’d been such a marvel as a child. Written up in all the magazines. Photographed from every angle. The Gerber Baby, Ivory Snow girl, Revlon Darling, Cosmo Cover model, Ivy League graduate, summa cum laude, and then . . . the disaster.

When he finally died his wife gave her everything but by then her mind had completely got up and gone. She cut all the buttons off his clothes. Hundreds of them. Sorts them out by size and color twice a day. Feeds them to her cat. Winds them in her hair. Tips the bellhop and the doorman with black and gold ones cut off his wedding suit. Then demands that they return them to her in the morning mail.

The staff bakes them into her little dinner cakes, and bird seed bars and then everyone pretends to be astounded when she finds them. Many apologies. Someone is fired. Another cook is hired who looks amazing like the first but is of course quite different. Harry instead of Barry. Or Sally  instead of Susie. That sort of thing. But, as you say, the Godet isn’t a bad place to work. Every famous hotel has its share of little quirks.

The Wait” constructed by Edward Kienholz in 1964-65 at the Whitney Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA