TIFF 2015 – “Everything Will Be Fine”


A Writing Craft Review of the screenplay  by Bjørn Olaf Johannessen for  “Everything Will Be Fine
                                                                            directed by Wim Wenders

(These are snap judgements devoid of plot summaries and prone to spoilers)                                                                 rating 2 out of 5

Beautifully photographed with a sophisticated use of 3D in realistic filmmaking. The script however, is more about the reconstruction of a situation. Without an intentional point of thematic focus the audience is left with living all this through a man whose emotional spectrum is repressively narrow. Casting James Franco, who is often pretty but rarely capable of nuance, only adds to the impression that all this lack of vibrancy or humor is intentional. This level of cinematography deserves a script that aims for a higher bar.

Good line: Do you do this often, pee in other people’s beds?